Arduino Based Lithium Ion Battery Management System

Arduino controlled battery management system (BMS) based on a dedicated battery stack monitor chip ( LTC6804 Datasheet ). Designed to continuously monitor battery pack voltages, currents and temperatures to make sure they remain within safe operating conditions. If a fault is detected, the BMS will open a relay to disconnect the battery pack from the vehicle's power system. In addition, all measurements are sent wirelessly via an Xbee mesh network to a remote monitoring station where data are monitored and saved for diagnostic purposes. More info

M.I.T. Bates Linear Accelerator Particle Detector

This is a Multi-wire Vertical Drift Chamber called the VCDX-1. It was built to detect the trajectory of charged particles produced at the MIT Bates Linear Accelerator. I performed the machining work for this detector at the MIT Physics Machine Shop as part of my undergraduate thesis work.

Computer-Controlled Refracting Telescope, Comet Camera

This is a home-built computer-controlled telescope based on a 6", f/12 refracting lens from a U2 spy plane. The lens was salvaged from the Stanford Observatory. I designed and machined the telescope body, eyepiece adapter, film adapter and mounting rings. It is fitted with a film holder which can accept 4" x 5" negatives. The scope is mounted on a Byers 65 equatorial mount which I modified to use a dual axis, computer-controlled stepper motor drive system which was pretty rare back in the 90's. I used the scope to take the photo of Comet Hale-Bopp in Bozeman Montana in 1997 which was featured on a widely distributed poster.

Solar Powered Cars

Stanford Solar Car Project. I was a designer, lead driver and I fabricated much of the first Stanford University Solar Car - the 'SunSurfer'. This car participated in the 1990 GM/DOE SunRayce from Florida to Michigan, taking 7th place out of a field of 32 teams. Stanford Solar Car Project
The Montana Banana. Montana's first solar powered race car, shown here at on the Capitol Mall in Helena, MT. This car was rebuilt from the rolling chassis of the Stanford SunSurfer, pictured above. More info
Montana State Solar Car Project. I lead a project to design, build and race the Montana State University Solar Car - the 'Double Black Diamond'. This car competed in the 1995 DOE SunRayce, successfully driving on solar power from Indiana to Colorado. More info

The Innovation Solar Car. I am currently the director of the Innovation Solar Car Project based at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This is a community-based, student project building a solar powered car to race in the Solar Car Challenge in summer of 2017. Innovation Solar Car

IGBT-based Brushless DC Motor Controller

I designed and built the high-efficiency, brushless DC motor controller for the MSU solar car. This controller is based on a Powerex IGBT Intellimod and despite it's small size, is capable of operating at up to 600V, 100 Amps. More info

Willy's Jeep Restoration

Ground-up restoration of a WWII-era Jeep. This is a 1947 Willy's CJ2. Every nut and bolt was removed. Rebuilt engine and transmission. Sandblasted and repainted all parts including body and frame. Performed all bodywork using melted lead.