Ultralight Electric Mobility Scooter

Carbon fiber & aircraft grade aluminum

CNC machined and 3D printed components

Drawn using Solidworks 2018

Soprano Jou-Lu Hung on a prototype scooter

**We are accepting internship applications from talented high school students in the San Francisco Bay area. You will learn important aspects of design and engineering including 3D modeling, Solidworks software, electronics, CNC fabrication and more. Please contact us at theShop for further information.**

Current Team

David Caditz Founder and creator of UEMoS and numerous other student-based technology projects. David is a Ph.D. physicist, avid maker and technology enthusiast. View more about David here.
Richard Seidel is currently a Senior at Redwood High. Richard loves taking apart anything he can get his hands on and figuring out how it works. Richard spends his time learning engineering related skills and designing things to solve all kinds of problems. He is also an audiophile, minimalist, and tea drinker. Richard has built a number of electric vehicles in the past year including a go-kart, skateboard, and now a mobility scooter.
Fred Schechter is an Industrial, packaging, and display designer with TGiF Design. Fred specializes in auto racing business development and occasionally sits in the driver's seat, too. Fred likes to collaborate on active projects, assist small business to use design to leverage their existing I.P., and is an advisor to AutoSport Labs . View more about Fred here.
Our design work and CNC tool path generation is accomplished using Solidworks 2018 . Thank you Solidworks!
Fabrication and prototyping is accomplished at theShop.build San Francisco.