ITSNM Quarterly Meeting

Next Generation Traffic Management - routing Connected Autonomous Vehicles to prevent congestion before it happens

Thursday, May 3rd - MRCOG Building Boardroom

Please join us from 11:30 am - 1 pm for a talk by Dr. David Caditz & Ron Newman on Next Generation Traffic Management. Lunch will be provided, please RSVP here.

Self-driving vehicles hold the promise of fewer accidents due to their collision avoidance capability. However, there are further benefits to be had by connecting autonomous vehicles to predictive routing systems that not only avoid, but also prevent congestion, relieve the traffic light synchronization problem, optimize trip times, facilitate emergency vehicles, and reduce fuel consumption.

Dr. David Caditz of San Francisco and Ron Newman of Santa Fe will present four steps toward achieving smart routing for Connected Autonomous Vehicles as the ratio of CAVs to manually operated vehicles increases, with some help from Game Theory; including the potential to automatically evolve efficiency over time as CAV becomes the norm. Copyright © 2018 ITSNM, All rights reserved.

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